Thursday, 30 January 2014

67 Blanket for Madiba Day


67 Blankets for Madiba Day


I think you get the prize for perseverance!!!

Love Bug

Love Bug

 Make one for the love of your live and one for yourself, too!

You need:

            Red or Pink Yarn

 Pipe Cleaner

Craft Foam or Felt

Empty Egg Carton or Styrofoam Ball 5"

Square of Cardboard

Glue & Scissors

Make a pompon by wrapping yarn around a piece of cardboard at least 100 times. Turn floppy over and cut completely through yarn on this side. Turn yarn blob sideways and smooth down strands. Bend the pipe cleaner in half and push it up through the pompon. Cut out 1 section of the egg carton. Trim so it sits securely upside down. Cut a large heart (about 4") out of craft foam. Glue the egg cup upside down in the center of the heart. You can also use a Styrofoam ball. Cover the top and some of the sides of the cup with glue. Separate the strands of the pompon and secure inside the cup. Arrange yarn and bend chenille stems if desired. Cut out two hearts for eyes and one for mouth. Cut out two small circles for pupils or use googly eyes.
Give love bug to someone you love for Valentine's Day or make a few and give them to everyone you love! - See more at:

Paper Beads to make

Fun Paper Beads
Make beautiful colourful necklaces and bracelets to wear everywhere!

To make paper spiral beads, cut narrow triangles from coloured paper or use plain paper that can be painted or decorated to suit your colour scheme. The width of the triangle will be size of your bead. Vary the size to make it even more interesting!

Beginning with the widest end, wind your triangle tightly around a toothpick or any thin straight object. Keep the triangle centred as you go and glue the point securely in place.

After the glue is dry remove the toothpick and string your beads on coloured string, yarn or beading cord. Add other beads and use small beads as spacers, or knot the string between the beads for variety. Add ribbon for extra colour!! Play around it is lots of fun!!

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Blanket for charity

9 down 3 to go...!!!!!

67 Blankets for Madiba Day


So proud to be part of this project!!

Why don't you join??

Easy colourful bookmark to make

Why not make some colourful bookmarks??
Does it bug you when you lose your place while you are reading? Why not create a bright bookworm or snake to keep your place!  

Draw your creation on cardboard and decorate it with a smiley face and give it a bright colourful body. Remember the brighter it is the easier it will be to see!!

You can give your worm a little bow on his head or what about a tussle?? Add some words, stripes and curls or give it a name.

Remember the back!! Flip the bookmark over and decorate the other side - it does not have to be the same – you can create a completely new worm!!

Just have lots, and lots of fun!!

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Colourful Children's Hand Art for indoor activity

Turn your hand into a feathered friend or make any design you want!!

On plain paper trace your open hand.

Draw the feet and remember if you press hard the colours are brighter. Use lots of bright colours for fun!!

Use the colours in the picture or try your own colour combinations

Experiment with new colours



Kent Brewster's pin on Pinterest.