Thursday, 30 January 2014

Paper Beads to make

Fun Paper Beads
Make beautiful colourful necklaces and bracelets to wear everywhere!

To make paper spiral beads, cut narrow triangles from coloured paper or use plain paper that can be painted or decorated to suit your colour scheme. The width of the triangle will be size of your bead. Vary the size to make it even more interesting!

Beginning with the widest end, wind your triangle tightly around a toothpick or any thin straight object. Keep the triangle centred as you go and glue the point securely in place.

After the glue is dry remove the toothpick and string your beads on coloured string, yarn or beading cord. Add other beads and use small beads as spacers, or knot the string between the beads for variety. Add ribbon for extra colour!! Play around it is lots of fun!!

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