Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Make your own knitting needles


Making your own wooden knitting needles is quite simple, and fun! 

Buy wooden dowel rods  from hardware stores - whatever size needle size you want.  Cut the dowels to the length of needle required. Use a pencil sharpener to make the rough points, and then take sandpaper to the whole needle.  First a rougher grain to do the shaping, and then a very fine grit one to make them very smooth.  Rub the needle down with wax paper or use wood oil to condition the needle and make it smooth after sanding.

The ends of the needles can be made from any clay that you have. Make a ball or whatever shape you want. Bake the ends in your oven or let them air dry, depending on what clay you used.

You can be creative and colour your ends or shape them into little faces!!

securely glue the ends to your needles and let dry completely.
Then, they are done and ready to go! 
They are pretty cheap, and you can get quite a few sets out of a dowel rods. Do not make your ends too big, or you'll have heavy needles wearing out your knitting fingers!

Most important, have FUN and make some to share, especially with kids, while you spread the art of knitting with others!!! 


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