Sunday, 2 February 2014

Paper Beads to make


Paper beads are amazing to create and require very little materials to achieve very good results. Once you've got the hang of making them I guarantee you'll be adding them to everything, the options are endless.
For quick results use coloured paper or create your own by using plain paper that has been decorated with bright colours.

For best results use a good quality varnish to finish off your beads

Cut your triangles until enough triangles for the number of beads you need.
Plain paper marked with lines:

If you are using plain paper use felt tips or coloured pencils to colour the beads yourself. Colour both sides of the paper making sure the edges are covered.

Glue the end securely in place and allow to dry before glazing them.

Loosen each bead carefully between coats to make sure they do not stick to your toothpick.
Once dry remove them from the toothpick and touch-up the glaze if required.

Once your beads are completely dry you can string them into a bracelet, necklace or use them for any bead craft.

The possibilities are endless!!

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