Monday, 3 February 2014

Sculpture clay

 Porcelain Clay

The clay looks like porcelain clay and is air-dried and does not need to be fired. It must be left to dry completely and then be sealed with a varnish.

You will need:


1 cup Cornflour (cornstarch)
1 cup glue
2 tablespoons Baby oil
2 tablespoons lemon juice or vinegar

Non greasy moisturiser
airtight container to store clay in or a plastic bag

Saucepan or microwavable mixing bowl


Place the cornflour and glue in the pan/bowl and mix together.

Stir in the baby oil and lemon juice.

Gently heat until it forms a solid ball - It will gradually go lumpy, then clump together to form a ball. The clay will get quite tough to stir as it thickens.

If heating with a microwave, cook for 30 seconds then stir thoroughly, continue to alternate heating for 30 seconds and stirring until it has formed a solid ball with no liquid left

Spread a small amount of moisturiser on your work surface as well as your hands and knead until cold (it will be hot to start with so be very careful) - fill your pan/bowl with hot water to soak.

Put a little moisturiser in the container and rub it around so the sides are covered.

Place the clay in the container, squeeze out all the air, and leave for 24 hours before using.

The clay can now be used for any number of sculpting craft projects.

Remember that this clay is air-drying so any clay that you are not using you must keep in the plastic bag so that it doesn't dry out and go hard

The clay can be coloured with a few drops of acrylic paint if required.
To protect a dried finished item you must coat it with a water based sealer or a clear acrylic varnish

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